EIA: US Retail On-Highway Diesel Price Dipped on Week
7/15 3:09 PM
EIA: US Retail On-Highway Diesel Price Dipped on Week OAKHURST, N.J. (DTN) --- Energy Information Administration data for the week-ended today shows the national average price for on-highway diesel fuel declined after a one-week uptick, down 0.4cts to $3.051 gallon. The decline marked the seventh in eight weeks and left the price 18.8cts lower than the same week in 2018. On-highway diesel fuel prices were mostly lower across all of the major PADDS with the exception of the Gulf Coast, which edged higher, and the West Coast, which held steady. The Gulf Coast PADD 3 on-highway diesel price added 0.1ct to $2.805 gallon, down 20cts versus the same week a year ago. EIA reported the West Coast PADD 5 price steady at $3.6324 gallon, down 11.7cts from a year ago. In the Pacific Northwest, the diesel average added 0.1ct to $3.209 gallon while the average in California eased 0.1ct to $3.952 gallon. The Rocky Mountain PADD 4 on-highway diesel fuel price declined 0.5cts to $2.975 gallon while the Midwest price point dropped 1.2cts to $2.956 gallon. According to the data, the East Coast PADD 1 slipped 0.1ct to $3.080 gallon as of today, 15.6cts below the corresponding week in 2018. The New England PADD 1A retail diesel average at $3.131 gallon declined 0.3cts on the week. The Central Atlantic states in PADD 1B saw the average decrease 0.3cts to $3.272 gallon for the week profiled while the Lower Atlantic PADD 1C retail diesel price added 0.1ct to $2.941 gallon. (c) 2019 DTN. All rights reserved.