Trigon Advances Planned LPG Export Project in Canada
12/06 9:10 AM
Trigon Advances Planned LPG Export Project in Canada OAKHURST, N.J. (DTN) --- Trigon Pacific Terminals Ltd. said it is advancing key engineering work for its proposed Trigon LPG Project, including completing pre-FEED engineering, rail design and risk assessment planning. This next stage of work is anticipated to be completed in the second quarter 2024. Last month, Trigon announced its intention to advance the redevelopment of a portion of its existing facilities for exports of propane and butane. Trigon also commenced legal action to enforce its lease rights to handle additional Canadian commodities. The Trigon LPG Project will have upwards of 120,000 cubic meters of new LPG storage capacity; will leverage the existing LPG vessel loading infrastructure; and will leverage the existing rail yard, with new rail unloading facilities to provide complete unit train unloading. Subject to regulatory review and other approvals, Trigon anticipates being ready to start operations by late 2027. Trigon's aim is to diversify operations in the face of the Canadian government's upcoming thermal coal export ban by providing much-needed additional propane export capacity, and with the at more diversified, open-market supply chain. (c) Copyright 2023 DTN, LLC. All rights reserved.