EIA: US Diesel Fuel Price Average Up at nearly 7yrs High
9/27 4:59 PM
EIA: US Diesel Fuel Price Average Up at nearly 7yrs High CRANBURY, N.J. (DTN) -- The U.S. average price for on-road ultra-low diesel fuel sold at retail outlets increased 2.1cts to $3.406 gallon during the week through today, $1.012 above the comparable year-ago average, while at the highest retail value since December 2014, according to the Energy Information Administration's weekly survey. Most PAD districts reported an increase for the week through today except the PADD 4 Rocky Mountain region, which fell 2.4cts to $3.605 gallon, albeit $1.2689 above the year-ago price point. The average for PADD 1A New England states ticked down fractionally to $3.299 gallon, while $0.707 more than during the same week in 2020, although PADD 1 East Coast diesel fuel at retail outlets averaged 1.9cts higher at $3.371 gallon, $0.898 more than year ago. PADD 2 Midwest retail diesel fuel gained 3.6cts on the week to $3.326 gallon, $1.057 above year ago, and advanced 2.3cts to $3.142 gallon in the PADD 3 Gulf Coast, $0.988 more than this time in 2020. PADD 5 West Coast retail diesel fuel edged 0.6cts higher to $4.032 gallon, $1.104 gallon above the comparable year-ago price point and having now held above $4 gallon for four consecutive weeks and for six weeks out of the past eight weeks. DTN's national diesel fuel rack average gained 1.92cts today and 5.1cts on the week to $2.3980 gallon, a three-year high, with the trend pointed up. (c) Copyright 2021 DTN, LLC. All rights reserved.