CEC: California CARB ULSD Output Tumbled Over 20%% Last Wee
7/11 7:00 AM
CEC: California CARB ULSD Output Tumbled Over 20% Last Week OAKHURST, N.J. (DTN) --- California mandated ultra-low sulfur diesel production slid more than 20% in the week-ended July 5 yet was at a better than 50% surplus versus year prior production, according to the latest data in the California Energy Commission's Weekly Fuels Report. Data show total CARB ULSD production dropped 357,000 bbl to 1.153 million bbl, 62.6% higher than the corresponding week in 2023. Refiners in northern California scaled back output 90,000 bbl while southern facilities cut production 267,000 bbl week-over-week. Overall supply of CARB ULSD added 53,000 bbl to 1.784 million bbl as of July 5, 2.4% more than the same time last year. Supply of the fuel at northern storage sites eased 8,000 bbl but rose 61,000 bbl at storage sites in the south. CEC data show production of other diesel, including ULSD meeting Environmental Protection Agency requirements, increased 80,000 bbl to 492,000 bbl last week while supply declined 85,000 bbl to 1.003 million bbl. Statewide jet fuel production jumped 506,000 bbl to 2.444 million bbl as of July 5 with supply 35,000 bbl higher at 3.060 million bbl. (c) Copyright 2024 DTN, LLC. All rights reserved.