CEC: California RFG Supply, Production Increased Last Week
6/13 7:27 AM
CEC: California RFG Supply, Production Increased Last Week OAKHURST, N.J. (DTN) --- Supply of California mandated reformulated gasoline increased in the week ended June 7 as refiners across the state ramped up production of the fuel, according to data in the California Energy Commission's latest Weekly Fuels Report. Statewide CARB RFG supply increased 109,000 bbl to 6.085 million bbl last week, 8.8% above stocks held the same time in 2023. Inventory at northern storage sites climbed 57,000 bbl and added 52,000 bbl at storage facilities in the south. Data show total CARB RFG production increased 341,000 bbl or 7% as of June 7 to 5.363 million bbl, 21.5% lower than the same week last year. Southern area refiners ramped up output 176,000 bbl on the week while at northern sites production rose 164,000 bbl. Overall production of the for-export gasoline fell 236,000 bbl last week to 808,000 bbl while inventory tumbled 313,000 bbl to 1.003 million bbl. Inventory of gasoline blending components decreased 38,000 bbl to 5.187 million bbl in the week ended June 7. (c) Copyright 2024 DTN, LLC. All rights reserved.